From January to May 2011 I wrote a column entitled “All My Little Words” for the Daily Californian Newspaper, below are a few of the columns I wrote that year. No over-arching theme here, just whatever happened to strike my fancy at the time.

On The Far Side Of Reality: On Genre Fiction, Dragons, and Navel-Gazing

Working Girl: On Jobs, Personal Weaknesses, and Being Hopelessly Unqualified

Growing Up And Getting Lost: On Nostalgia and Friends

Staging Grace: On Theatre and Stereotypes   

From Sea To Shining Sea: On Travel, Culture, and American Hegemony

Escaping The Microwave: On Food, Friends, and Student Living 

Every Breath You Take: On Technology, Privacy, and the Real World

Oh Berkeley, My Berkeley: On School, Learning, and Remembering Yourself



Graduation Speech: On Privilege, Education, And Moving West